I finished my dream project

Hey everyone! I am happy to announce that I did it.

Temporary(alpha-version) Site link: http://amritpandey.xyz

Yeah, it was my dream to create a full stack website and I was procastinating for so long. Till this day I have either released front-end apps made with React or plain javascript and backend apps like chatbot, link-minifier etc. with nodejs/python. But a week ago I started experimenting with flask and things came together and I made a book review website.

Now it is also the first time I made something that I can use everyday.

What is this site about?

This site is for me to post book reviews and scores. People can read reviews and comment on them. I have created a store(which is on another branch -- yet to be released) through which I will be able to sell/lend my books to those who request.

What have I used?

I have used python, flask, bootstrap, sqlite and sqlalchemy, nginx, gunicorn etc.

Features in this site:

  • Add, update and delete book info.
  • Write reviews and save review drafts.
  • Markdown editor for writing reviews.
  • Individual book page.
  • Comment section for every book page.
  • API endpoint for hosting uploaded cover images.

Show me the code.

There are many things/features I still need to work on, if you are interested in seeing the code you could so by visiting here github.com/ap4gh/Review-Book-Site

Why did I delay this project?

The reason I delayed this project was because I was scared. I have heard too much technical jargon over 2 years that created self-doubt. There are many pieces of software that makes a full stack website run and that is the reason why even after easement in the development of web softwares with easy-to-use frameworks and libraries, full stack website still remains one of the most enticing project for any hobbyist.

But I can assure you that you don't have to learn every tool/library thoroughly before commencing the development. Just dive into it and sooner after hours of debugging and documentation things will begin to make sense.

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